At its core, ISCO Marine is built on ingenuity and development. The marine group casts a wide net, designing and building solutions for projects ranging from port security barriers to residential docks. ISCO uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a top choice material for marine-based applications as it’s highly resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and marine organisms, leak-proof, UV resistant, durable, long-lasting, and impact resistant. HDPE is also weather-resistant and able to hold up in freezing and thawing conditions. ISCO Industries has been a global HDPE total piping solutions provider since 1962 and ISCO Marine banks on those years of experience and engineering to launch nothing but the best marine products.

Highland Flotations Systems
Louisville, Kentucky P: 1-844-HFS-ISCO


Highland Flotation Systems by ISCO Marine

Today, more ports, marinas, and even recreational deck owners are turning away from traditional flotation system material and using custom-manufactured high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. The Highland Flotation System is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. All plastic parts are full-surface fusion welded for 100% strength and easily fabricated to configure to specific decking materials and configurations. It’s long-lasting and lightweight: much easier to launch at water’s edge.

Manufacturer and Dealer Locations Map


Manufacturer Locations:

Martinsburg, WV

Louisville, KY

Mulberry, FL

Houston, TX

Salt Lake City, UT

Kingman, AZ

Startex, SC

Kingston, ON (Canada)


Dealer Locations and Contact Info:

Wellesley Island Building Supply
44482 County Rd 191
Wellesley Island, NY 13640
Phone: (315) 482-6600

St. Lawerence Dock Systems
PO Box 456
Wellesley Island, NY 13640
Phone: (315) 286-2954

Kropf Industrial Inc.
1 Quebec Dr
Seguin, ON P2A 0B2, Canada
Phone: +1(705) 378-2453

Urban Wader, LLC
22240 Savannah Ln
Covington, LA 70435
Phone: (985) 966-5181

Mako Docks
790 Front Road
Kingston, ON K7M 4L9
Phone: (613) 985-0001