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À propos d'ISCO Australie

ISCO has supplied McElroy machines, fittings and equipment to all corners of the country. Need quality fittings or custom spooling? ISCO is your total piping solution. We've worked with LNG, municipal water, irrigation, landfill and many others projects. Contact Phil O’Day at (+61) 417 598 605 or

We offer full a full range of poly welding machines designed to fuse HDPE pipe from 16 mm up to 2000 mm. We also provide the accessories that will keep your production moving efficiently and safely.  We want your crew to know how to get the maximum productivity from the equipment. We have dedicated trainers available that can teach the proper and safe usage of our poly welding equipment. ISCO also has numerous field poly welding technicians available to assist with your project.

Équipement McElroy

Equipment for sale or hire

  • McElroy PitBulls
  • McElroy 250mm Rolling
  • McElroy McElroy TracStar 412
  • McElroy TracStar 618
  • McElroy TracStar 500
  • McElroy TracStar 630 and 900
  • McElroy Tracked Talon 2000
  • McElroy MegaMCs


  • McElroy Polyhorse Kits and Mega Polyhorse Kits
  • McElroy Datalogger 6
  • McElroy Pipe Stands - small to mega
  • Extension Hose Kits
  • Sidewall Fusion
  • McElroy Line Tamers
  • Inserts for any size project
  • Training in the proper and safe operation of your McElroy poly welding machinery with dedicated trainer
  • McElroy parts and inventory available

Small-Range Machines
In the small-machine range, ISCO has McElroy poly welding machines able to weld pipe from 16 mm up to 250 mm. These transport easily and are meant for use in practically any location. Some are light enough for hand carrying, but they are also able for installation on a wheeled base for ease of use. All of these machines butt fuse pipe and fittings in a variety of sizes.

Mid-Range Machines
In the mid-range, ISCO carries McElroy poly welding machines that will fuse 110 mm to 500 mm pipe and fittings. These machines are all self-contained units on all-terrain tracks which are mobile on almost any topography. If you need to perform in-ditch welds, the carriages are removable and can be easily used apart from the vehicle with the addition of an optional extension hose kit.

Large-Range Machines
ISCO has an extensive collection of large-range machines available as well. McElroy large hire machines can weld from 225 mm to 2000 mm pipe and fittings. You'll find self-contained tracked unit and wheeled units as well in this range.  These carriages can be removed from the wheel base and used in-ditch as well.

Want to keep a detailed report on every weld made and know just how to control it? The McElroy Datalogger is also available for hire. Stub end holders, extension hose kits, additional pipe stands, ISCO has it.


Phil O'day (+61) 417 598 605 Outside Sales: WA, VIC, NT, SA, TAS, and Indonesia