Circuit Maker Vault

ISCO custom fabricated Circuit Maker Vaults®, are the central control point of a geothermal well field.

ISCO custom-fabricated Circuit Maker Geothermal Vaults®, are strong, leak-free structures that keep your valve systems and other equipment clean and safe to protect your investment. Our fabricators are true craftsmen, skilled in finding solutions to even the toughest design challenges.

ISCO Circuit Maker Geothermal Vaults®, feature:

  • Custom fabrication to your specifications
  • 100% Leak-free polyethylene structure
  • Custom walkways available to your height specifications
  • Butt-fused circuitry with Datalogged joints
  • OSHA-Compliant access ladder
  • Choice of metal or polyethylene valves
  • Pressure temperature (P/T) ports on all outlets
  • Quick pressure test of individual circuits for quality assurance
  • Easy purging and isolation of circuits
  • Plastic cap retainers for protection during shipment
  • H-20 (Highway Traffic) load rating capabilty

Complete your geothermal installation with the best vaults available - delivering top performance, dependability and long life.

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