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ISCO Industries is a full-service Poly Welder provider in Australia. From Darwin to Tasmania, Perth to Brisbane, you'll find that ISCO has shipped machines and provided service across the entire country. ISCO is world renowned for their expertise, service and ability to provide products wherever you need them. We are able to supply the entire Pacific Rim from our two Australia locations.

ISCO Industries opened their doors in Brisbane in 2007. Since then, through hard work, dedication and superior equipment, ISCO has become a leader in the Australia market. In 2009, ISCO opened its second located in Perth, Western Australia.  From these two well-placed shops, we have supplied McElroy machines, fittings and equipment to all corners of the country. Need quality fittings or custom spooling? ISCO is your total piping solution. We've worked with LNG, municipal water, irrigation, landfill and many others projects.

We are Australia's only authorized McElroy dealer. We offer full a full range of poly welding machines designed to fuse HDPE pipe from 16 mm up to 2000 mm. We also provide the accessories that will keep your production moving efficiently and safely.  We want your crew to know how to get the maximum productivity from the equipment. We have dedicated trainers on staff that can teach the proper and safe usage of our poly welding equipment at our or your facility or on the job site.

ISCO Industries is a full service company and our certified McElroy mechanics will diagnose, repair and return your machine outfitted with authentic McElroy parts. We warehouse a significant quantity of replacement parts and new stock inventory, all for your convenience.

ISCO is also Australia's only Certified McElroy Hire provider. Hiring from ISCO gives you the peace of mind knowing you will be getting quality machinery that is backed up by our service department.

ISO Certification

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO 9001:2008 quality management system (QMS) certification for its Brendale, Queensland, Australia fabrication facility. The certificate of registration was issued by FM Approvals, LLC an organization that independently audited and confirmed that ISCO Industries is in conformity with ISO 9001:2008.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification


Equipment for sale or hire

  • PitBulls
  • 250mm Rolling
  • TracStar 412
  • TracStar 618
  • TracStar 500
  • TracStar 630 and 900
  • Tracked Talon 2000
  • MegaMCs


  • Polyhorse Kits and Mega Polyhorse Kits
  • Datalogger 4
  • Pipe Stands - small to mega
  • Extension Hose Kits
  • Sidewall Fusion
  • Line Tamers
  • Inserts for any size project

  • Hire Summary
  • Three Certified McElroy Mechanics in house
  • Training in the Proper and Safe Operation of your McElroy Poly Welding Machinery with dedicated trainer
  • Parts and Inventory on hand to get you back up and going quickly

Consider ISCO Industries as your source for the hiring of high-density polyethylene poly welding machines and accessories. ISCO is a Certified McElroy Rental Equipment associate. What does this mean to you? Certified McElroy Rental equipment receives better overall care and maintained consistently to remain in the best condition possible. ISCO adheres to a comprehensive checklist and our certified McElroy mechanics examine all parts of the machine, top to bottom. These checks include electrical, hydraulic, facer, heater and more. ISCO assures that the machine you hire is ready to perform.

Small-Range Machines
In the small-machine range, ISCO has McElroy poly welding machines able to weld pipe from 16 mm up to 250 mm. These transport easily and are meant for use in practically any location. Some are light enough for hand carrying, but they are also able for installation on a wheeled base for ease of use. All of these machines butt fuse pipe and fittings in a variety of sizes.

Mid-Range Machines
In the mid-range, ISCO carries McElroy poly welding machines that will fuse 110 mm to 500 mm pipe and fittings. These machines are all self-contained units on all-terrain tracks which are mobile on almost any topography. If you need to perform in-ditch welds, the carriages are removable and can be easily used apart from the vehicle with the addition of an optional extension hose kit.

Large-Range Machines
ISCO has an extensive collection of large-range machines available as well. McElroy large hire machines can weld from 225 mm to 2000 mm pipe and fittings. You'll find self-contained tracked unit and wheeled units as well in this range.  These carriages can be removed from the wheel base and used in-ditch as well.

Not only can ISCO Industries provide the machines, but can also provide accessory equipment to keep your production flowing smoothly. A set of pipe stands and inserts for every pipe size are provided with each hire at no additional cost to you.

Want to keep a detailed report on every weld made and know just how to control it? The McElroy Datalogger is also available for hire. Stub end holders, extension hose kits, additional pipe stands, ISCO has it.

ISCO provides the machines you need, the accessories that keep you productive and the training and support that will keep you coming back. Our hire machines will allow your company to bid for projects where you may not own the equipment. Want to expand your market, your company's capabilities and your work load? Hire from ISCO!

When facing challenges on a jobsite, knowing your options can be half the battle. ISCO Australia’s Fusion Academy opens the door to a world of knowledge that can help you overcome many problems. The course is backed by decades of experience designed to help you understand how best to apply HDPE fusion protocols to help any project from beginning to end.

The Fusion Academy works like a hands-on laboratory. Participants get experience with Sidewinders, socket fusion tools, DataLoggers™, and McElroy High Force fusion machines. It all contributes to a well-rounded knowledge of the possibilities of HDPE fusion. That knowledge translates to cost and time savings on future projects.

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ISCO AUSTRALIA Representatives

Richard Butler (+61) 447 589 010 General Manager
Chris Divitini (+61) 402 759 428 Inside Sales, Fabrication and Logistics
Phil O'day (+61) 417 598 605 Outside Sales: WA, VIC, NT, SA, TAS, and Indonesia
Ben Whitaker (+61) 448 019 500 Mechanic (WA)
Adam Ray (+61) 7 3881 1838 Office Manager (billings, new accounts, admin)