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Machines: Rolling 28 Sidewinder Socket Fusion Set Manual 14/26 Datalogger


When facing challenges on a jobsite, knowing your options can be half the battle. ISCO Australia’s Fusion Academy opens the door to a world of knowledge that can help you overcome many problems. The course is backed by decades of experience designed to help you understand how best to apply HDPE fusion protocols to help any project from beginning to end.

The Fusion Academy works like a hands-on laboratory. Participants get experience with Sidewinders, socket fusion tools, DataLoggers™, and McElroy High Force fusion machines. It all contributes to a well-rounded knowledge of the possibilities of HDPE fusion. That knowledge translates to cost and time savings on future projects.

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McElroy Manual and Mid-Range Machines
Socket fusion
Saddle fusion using a Sidewinder
Limited class registry


Dates Start time/End time Cost Location Map>
11/19/15 - 11/20/15 8AM - 5PM $649 264 South Pine Road Brendale QLD 4500 Australia Map >>


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Legal Agreement

ISCO Australia PTY LTD and its employees, officers, agents, and affiliated entities (“ISCO”) are not responsible for any injuries or damages, including, but not limited, bodily injury, death, or property damage, incurred by a participant during, a result of, or arising out of any fusion training workshop, and the participant expressly assumes the risk of such injuries or damages. All fusion training is provided pursuant to a written Training Agreement entered into with ISCO.

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