Landfills are active environments. Through natural processes of rainfall, condensation, and decomposition, landfills themselves produce a liquid waste stream, called leachate. Often the leachate contains hazardous materials, so properly managing a landfill requires handling the waste.

ISCO offers products and services to help manage leachate.

The HDPE Side Slope Riser Leachate Extraction System allows for leachate removal from the landfill cell without a breach of the geosynthetic lining system. The riser serves as a conduit pipe for inserting and removing submersible pumps and leachate discharge hoses so liquids can be sent from the top of the slope by a force main or by gravity to the desired location. The side slope riser is connected to the drainage grid at the lowest elevation in the landfill cell where it is then pumped out.

The HDPE material is compatible with other cell construction materials and allows easy connection to the leachate collection piping. Typically, the side slope risers range in diameter from 18" to 24" and are usually made from DR 17 pipe. Your custom built system can be prefabricated in one of ISCO's fabrication plants and sent to your job site for quick and easy installation.

HDPE is the material of choice for control of leachate and condensate. Therefore, pump stations can be fabricated from one wall or two wall systems to meet your regulatory or specific needs. Dual containment provides protection from the possibility of a leak and contamination outside the cell.

Pump stations can be made to any length or depth with diameters ranging from 24" through 10'. HDPE is the right material, so let ISCO build your single or double wall pump station.

ISCO inventories Asahi gear-operated PVC butterfly valves from 2" through 24". Valve stems are custom fabricated to your desired length in both carbon and stainless steel.

ISCO's perforating and slotting machine allows ISCO to custom slot and perforate HDPE SCH 80 and SCH 40 PVC pipe in sizes 4" through 12". All pipe sizes can be custom fabricated to your specific requirements.

For more information on this landfill piping solutions, contact your local sales representative or call 1-800-345-ISCO.