Gas Extraction

Landfill gas is formed as a natural by-product of waste decomposition in landfills. Gas collection and extraction has the potential to recover the energy value of the gas and also reduce the pollution effects from the gas.

ISCO has several solutions available for gas extraction and collection.

ISCO offers all HDPE and PVC pipe and fittings as well as slotted and perforated pipe for vertical wells, horizontal collectors.  ISCO also offers Bentonite, Geotextile rings, and other accessories.

The gas collection well head connects the well screen to the collection pipe header system. The well head is a point in the landfill gas collection system for flow control and monitoring. Gas flow is controlled through a valve, samples are taken through monitoring ports, and temperature is monitored. A flexible hose connection between the well and the header piping allows for the differential settlement which occurs in landfills. 

ISCO can provide all the wellheads, adapters, sample ports and flexhoses needed.  Custom fabrication including condensate sumps, condensate knockouts, driplegs and manholes are available too, as well as vales, stem extensions and valve boxes.

This HDPE tank allows for condensation to be separated from methane gas during its collection on the landfill. HDPE is the material of choice to handle the aggressive nature of condensate and lends itself to the unique fabrication requirements of your site. The condensate can be either gravity drained or pumped out as needed. These knockout tanks will be completely fabricated at ISCO's plant and shipped to your site where all you do is bolt them into place.

This HDPE fabrication produces the same effect as the condensate knockout tank by providing a low point collection for condensate that forms in the lines and a reservoir which slows the gas velocity and allows additional separation. ISCO will size this trap to your specific site parameters so that the condensate will be drained back into the landfill cell. Let ISCO help you with your gas collection system needs.