Sanitary Sewer

A sanitary sewer transports sewage and wastewater (from residential, commercial or industrial sites) to treatment or disposal, through an underground system.

Whether you are a municipality or other community, ISCO Industries understands that you need a cost-effective and long lasting solution to your sanitary sewer system needs. ISCO Industries offers total piping solutions for sewer applications, including gravity or force main sewers. Look to ISCO Industries to supply products and services for your next sanitary sewer project.

Sewer Pipes

Whether the project calls for a sanitary or industrial sewer relining, sewer cleanout or installing new sewers, ISCO has the solution. Pipe offered by ISCO Industries for sewer applications includes HDPE pipe, PVC pipe, ductile iron pipe and profile pipe. ISCO Industries offers you solutions that are economical, durable, long-lasting and easy to install.

Sewer Fittings

ISCO Industries offers a complete line of fittings for all sanitary sewer applications, which include pressure and non-pressure applications. For more information or to download a product line card, visit the literature section of the website.