ISCO to Acquire A.H. McElroy

Louisville, Ky. (December 7, 2018) - ISCO Industries, Inc. (ISCO) is announcing that its wholly owned subsidiary, ISCO Canada, Inc., has agreed to purchase substantially all of the assets of A.H. McElroy Sales and Service (Canada) Ltd. The agreement is subject to customary closing conditions and the parties expect to close the transaction on December 10, 2018. Founded in 1979, A.H. McElroy has served as

the leading polyethylene pipe fusion experts in Canada, maintaining the largest inventory of parts, equipment and rental fleet throughout the country. ISCO Canada will operate under the new trade name, ISCO-A.H. McElroy.

“Numerous companies have come to us in the past about potentially purchasing our company, but it never felt like the right match. This is the first time we were approached by a company whose values and philosophy melded so seamlessly with ours,” explained Ian Powell, principal of A.H. McElroy. “Both ISCO and A.H. McElroy strongly believe that service and training are the most successful avenue for the advancement of the polyethylene pipe industry.”

A.H. McElroy is widely recognized for the quality of their fusion training programs as well as their extensive inventory of parts and equipment. “A.H. McElroy was the first company to introduce McElroy pipe fusion equipment in Canada, and their market leadership continues today. They have conducted more fusion training sessions than any other company in Canada,” said ISCO Vice President Richard Butler, who will serve as General Manager of ISCO-A.H. McElroy. “This is an important part of our plan to expand our presence and product availability throughout Canada.”

“I have known the people of A.H. McElroy for 25 years,” said Jimmy Kirchdorfer, CEO of ISCO. “I have a great deal of respect for the company they have built. The additional people, fusion equipment and locations that they are bringing will allow us to better serve our customers throughout all of North America.”

“The shareholders of A.H. McElroy want to thank ISCO, specifically Jimmy and Mark Kirchdorfer for taking this opportunity to merge us into their progressive family business,” said Wayne Korrall, CEO and President of A.H. McElroy. “Over the years, we have established a respected legacy within the industry and I know ISCO will carry that on. I am most happy for our customers, because now they have access to the full range of piping solutions that ISCO offers.”

ABOUT ISCO Industries
Since 1962, ISCO Industries, a global total piping solutions provider headquartered in Louisville, Ky., has stocked and sold a wide variety of HDPE pipe and piping materials. ISCO offers custom piping fabrication to provide solutions for multiple applications such as: industrial, municipal, power, marine, nuclear, oil and gas, mining, waterworks, environmental, geothermal, golf, culvert-lining and landfill. The company also rents, services and sells McElroy fusion equipment. ISCO has more than 35 locations in North America – inventorying large stockpiles of HDPE pipe and piping products. For more information on ISCO, visit or call 1-800-345-ISCO.

Image caption: Richard Butler - General Manager, ISCO-A.H. McElroy; Ian Powell - Principal, A.H. McElroy; Jimmy Kirchdorfer, CEO, ISCO.