Onsite HDPE Production


Founded in New South Wales, Australia, by the second generation of a family with more than 40 years of pipe extrusion experience, Tubi is revolutionizing the way HDPE pipe projects are constructed. Known for their innovative approach for manufacturing HDPE pipe, the partnership between ISCO and Tubi is a natural fit.

Tubi has taken conventional extrusion technology and put it in a mobile plant. Tubi’s patented mobile extrusion HDPE pipe plant allows for pipe production as close to the final destination as possible, breaking paradigms about how to deliver and install HDPE pipe.

What if your pipe system was extruded from one single pipe? You’d have fewer fusion welds to make. How easy would that make the installation process?

Pipe extrusion is a continuous process. Historically the limitation on the pipe length received at the jobsite was dictated by the trailer that was carrying it. What if your pipe was extruded at the jobsite? Then your only limitation on the length of pipe would be your ability to handle it onsite. The on-site manufacturing system developed by Tubi makes possible pipe lengths of 60 feet, 100 feet, 1,000 feet and beyond even for large diameter pipes. The limitation is no longer the trailer length, because you may never even put the pipe on a trailer.

Tubi Features and Benefits

  • Reduces freight
  • Decreases quantities of heavy truck traffic and creates safer roads
  • Eliminates high numbers of field fusions
  • Makes an already reliable pipe system even more so
  • Improves safety on the worksite
  • Reduces installation time
  • Reduces handling steps
  • Minimizes potential pipe damage that comes with handling
  • Reduces or eliminates some of the most dangerous aspects of a pipeline installation project
  • Includes 100% X-ray quality control technology
  • Improves product conformity and assures conformance to industry and project standards
  • Minimizes de-beading requirements


In addition to the mobile pipe plant technology, Tubi has the ability to coil pipe up to 12” IPS (90mm to 315mm) in diameter. Coiled pipe has been utilized by owners and contractors for years to reduce costs and installation time. Tubi’s system brings those advantages to larger diameter pipes. By using Tubi’s customized delivery system, your project can receive pipe in lengths never before seen anywhere in the world. The pipe is ready to be installed quickly while eliminating the need for joining.

Coil Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates construction steps previously required
  • Easier, faster and safer pipe installation
  • Creates a seamless manufacturing and delivery system
  • Your project has less opportunities for delays
  • Reduces installation and unloading time
  • Reduces costs and pipe construction time
  • Reduces handling steps
  • Minimizes pipe damage and creates a safer work environment

A Tubi plant is able to be set up and operational within 48 hours of arriving to the destination. Plants are completely selfsufficient and do not require external power or continuous water supply at the operating site. Tubi has the ability to operate and deliver HDPE pipe in any commercially available diameter (up to 1600mm) and SDR required for your project.

The Tubi technology is another way ISCO provides total piping solutions to customers. Offering this seamless approach to pipe manufacturing and installation for remote and hard-to-reach projects is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Not only does Tubi significantly help increase productivity on a jobsite, but helps reduce risks in safety and quality assurance and control.

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